What a wonderful, calming, helpful session it was with Eri-san.
I have had several reiki works and this was one of the best.
I appreciate her care, heart and expertise.
She gave the time needed for healing.
~ Saki

Very relaxing and peaceful.
~ Shane de F.

Very relaxing! Every year I meet up at a gymnastics meet and get a session from her! Love how comforting it is.
~ Isabelle B.

Thank you. Sometimes I could feel like I was floating and in the same moment sinking into the table.
This was a very interesting and wonderful experience.
I can’t wait to find out more. Hope you come out to Reno soon!
~ York P.

Excellent warm hands! Thank you for this wonderful experience!
~ Beckala

Very relaxing and calming. Releases tension in shoulders. Thank you!
~ Deidre

Very relaxing and considerate.
~ Annika

My first time trying Reiki and I was impressed with how warm her hands got and how much good a light touch will do.
I feel refreshed on a day where I was very weary. Thanks!

Thank you so much! So relaxing, never experienced anything like it before!
~ Anonymous