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Meditation calligraphy class~
Eri Sensei asked me to say something about her Meditation Calligraphy class because she saw the deep effects it had on me.

As a teacher and an artist, Eri Sensei guides her students to feel the presence of the Ki through this unique form of mediation.

It is about the process within the guise of calligraphy without the pressure of traditional formalities.

You practice being aware of how the energy flows as you dip the brush into the ink and then as it moves through the air to meet the rice paper while it continues along the stroke even as the brush lifts off the paper.

You will find your own individual rhythm and it will open you up.

There isn’t any prerequisite to taking the class. Yet as an artist, this practice helped me to reset my own approaches.

Her thoughtful design of gestures based on Kanji helps students embody the subtle and actual invigorating energy. Eri Sensei is extra!

I am grateful that she has found a way to encourage us to go back to the natural source through art and meditation. N.M. California 2022




出来上がった書を台紙に貼って頂いたお陰で、家の中の素敵な装飾にもなり、もとても満足しています。是非来年も参加させていただきたいと思っています。                     えつこ 2023年