Self History Writing Therapy

Writing Therapy
Healing Through the Writing of Your Story

Everyone has a unique story…a beautiful story. This is what I feel because you are the product of this story.
皆それぞれ個性ある人生のストーリーを持っています。どんなストーリーも美しい…私はそう感じています。なぜなら、’あなた’ を作りあげてきたのですから…

Don’t be afraid to look deeply into yourself and dig into your collected experiences. And, don’t worry about your writing skills–that’s not the focus.

Remember…there is always light behind the darkness.

You already have the light within you. If you can’t see it or don’t know
where to look, I am here to help you find your light.

In this session, you will explore…


your way to self-expression


sense of freedom

開放感: 本来の自由

forgotten self

忘れ去った自分 (自分軸)





your life story book


Writing about yourself will help you find your true voice sleeping deep within you. At the same time, writing will wake you up and give you the tools to express yourself. You will visually recognize the words, then you will see the shift as you come to better know yourself. Writing is truly a process of healing. However, remembering and writing are not simple tasks for many people.

There are lots of memories and experiences that you have had throughout your life, and it is difficult to remember all of them. To make this easier, I will help you dig in and pull out these elements by interviewing you. The interview itself is part of the healing process since you will talk about it as you remember. Events, thoughts, and feelings will emerge and find a place on your life map. The pieces to your life puzzle will come together.

The one-on-one sessions in this series will give you the opportunity to sift through your life and relationships one experience at a time. At the same time, you will start to find your forgotten yourself.

Through this process, you will naturally be able to write your self history. Of course, I will guide you through the process. So, don’t worry, be happy! If you think you aren’t good at writing, that’s OK! It is not about writing beautiful sentences, but rather to express yourself. When you express your true self, you will receive inspiration. Sometimes, words are not adequate for the job. In that case, we will find a better way of self-expression. I treat words as art. I also treat words as tools. Just as an artist uses color on paper, words can be transformed by how you treat them. I will approach your story from many angles. It will be satisfying, with lots of discovery and realization. It will be a transformational process.