Japanese Calligraphy


Brushstrokes Begin in the Air and End in the Air
筆の舞 宙ではじまり 終わるも 宙…



Art show in Athens 2023

Japanese calligraphy is the pursuit of perfectly beautiful characters. In this quest for beauty, the emphasis is placed on the results. However, in my eyes, calligraphy is much more than that. There is something more significant than the results.

Calligraphy is the way to meditation.

In the moment that you connect with the movement of the brush, your spirit pours forth and you feel the convergence of your life energy. The feeling of oneness between self and brush emerges from a state of nothingness and creates a sense of eternity in that moment.

In this connection with the moment, you will touch your inner soul through unrestrained self-expression. Meditation Calligraphy is a time of reunion with your self yet unknown. Transcending time and space, the goal of this practice is to become acquainted with your forgotten inner self.

Modern society has drifted from its engagement with writing. Individual energy—concealed in writing—is conveyed through words, and is so received from others. This fundamental activity makes it possible to exchange tremendous energy, thereby creating deep connections with each other through the heart. The number of hearts healed by this circle of energy is uncountable. In place of an impersonal computer, Meditation Calligraphy is the way to the realization of the significance of grasping a brush and being moved by words.