Review(Meditation calligraphy お客様の声)

The meditation calligraphy class with Eri Fukase
was fantastic! Such a special way to quiet the
mind and to connect with the energy of the
brushstroke. It’s as if mind and body become
one, expressing your soul. It was also amazing
how in just a few minutes Eri was able to teach
us how to paint a complex and meaningful kanji
character. I can’t wait to do this again! Feeling
very grateful for this special experience.
~ Maria D.

It was wonderful! I really enjoyed when you
held the brush and counted and made it
rhythmic…that helped! Thanks!
~ Helen K.

Really enjoyable and at the same time
challenging practice. Would love to continue
learning. It’s a gift to combine spirituality and
art in one stroke (not always a simple one).
Thank you so very much for a wonderful
With gratitude,
~ Jason T.

I loved this! Eri was great at explaining how to
do it, then she came around and drew it with
me…I found it easier to find the feeling of the
brush on the page. If I lived near her, I would
take classes with her for sure. Thanks, Eri.
~ Louie L.

This workshop was amazing. I loved the
instruction and feel I did well with the direction
given. Thank you so much for your mastery
and care for the North American Jikiden Reiki
Much gratitude,
~ Amanda J.

Thank you so much for the feeling of
calligraphy! Such an art and honor to learn;
and have so much attention for
everyone! Your passion is huge. Thank you.
~ Lorraine M.

This calligraphy session was simultaneously
stimulating and relaxing. The beauty and
peace the strokes revealed were lovely.
I can easily understand how calligraphy
can be used for meditation.
~ Kitty S.

Beautifully taught, and such a treat to have
such a unique piece of art to treasure.
Our class was learning to write nen in
calligraphy. It was a moving mediation, and
very enjoyable, and calming! Thank you!
~ Dottie M.

Thank you for a wonderful class. I really enjoyed
your patient instruction.
~ Anne B.

I enjoyed learning how to move my body with
the brush to create the kanji. It was very
meditative. Thank you.
~ Paul S.

Thank you for the wonderful teaching of
calligraphy. Your patience in teaching made
the class very enjoyable and helped everyone
to create a piece of art from the heart.
~ Laura C.

I liked the focus of feeling the strokes. I am
not artistic, so I feel intimidated by doing
any artwork, but Eri encouraged and reminded
us to feel the essence of ‘nen’, so I just had fun.
Thank you for the experience.
~ Dolphyn B.

It’s amazing the peace and stillness that
I felt during this activity. Best way to bring
in some zen in a relaxing and yet fun activity.
Thank you!
~ Joan N.

Thank you! We learned so much and many
life lessons! Very enjoyable and ever-lasting
~ Jeannette S.

I really enjoyed the class. Having you help
hold the brush made all the difference.
My practice sheets became better and better.
Very enjoyable! Thanks!
~ Carol D.

Eri is so great to learn Japanese calligraphy
from. It is an art I would love to pursue.
She gave excellent instructions and was
very helpful. I’m so happy I had the opportunity
to learn this meditative art. Thank you.
~ Tammy T.

Ah…I feel like I’m in a different frame of mind,
my printing here and now has that feeling of
more depth. But, at times I was close to
frustration not able to reproduce particularly
the thickness and fine points at beginning
and end. I feel the meaning of now/heart
is coming in more. Thank you.
~ Sherran P.

I just loved the class! The presentation
explained what we should ‘feel’ during the
calligraphy. I even started crying from a wave
of emotion that swept over me.
Thank you for the opportunity and experience.
~ Cindy G.

Eri-san is a wonderful instructor with clear
instructions. Her spirit is amazing and I want to
learn more. This was so enjoyable.
Everyone should try this!
Thank you so much!
~ Erin S.